Program5 days3 days2 days
Infants: 6 weeks – 12 months$267.00$177.00$125.00
Young Toddler: 13 months – 24 months$252.00$167.00$117.00
Older Toddler: 25 months – 35 months$234.00$154.00$110.00
Preschool: 3 years – 5 years$217.00$144.00$102.00
Summer Care$201.00$134.00$94.00
Half-Day Kindergarten Wrap-Around$178.00$118.00$85.00
School Age Before and After$139.00$93.00$66.00
Pre-K Before and After$122.00$81.00$58.00
School Age Before or After$109.00$71.00$51.00
Pre-K Age Before or After$98.00$65.00$47.00
  • Contract changes may be made once per month; new contract form required.
  • $55 registration fee per family.
  • 10% sibling discount off the eldest child’s tuition; referral & vacation discount available.
  • Tuition includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack daily (or formula/infant foods).
  • Infant & toddler classrooms pay additional diaper & wipe charge of $8.00 per week.
  • There will be an additional $20 fee assessed for care that is needed for 10 hours or more per day.
  • Additional fees assessed for use of services outside of contracted hours and for late pick-up.
  • Additional charges apply to school age care for planned delays/early dismissals & closings.